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Idaho Dad Unisex Tee

Idaho Dad Unisex Tee

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It's here! The Idaho Dad T-Shirt – the secret weapon for dads who want to up their coolness game while still keeping things simple. This shirt is so soft, it's like hugging a fluffy potato, but don't worry with its flattering cut you won't look like one!

Made from a fabric that's softer than a bear's belly, this tee is perfect for those moments when you need to unleash your inner dad jokes with maximum comfort. It's got that perfect "lived in" feel, like you've been wearing it since the days when mullets were considered fashionable (no judgment if you're still rocking one).

But let's talk about the fit, because Idaho dads know how to rock it. This shirt makes your biceps look like they've been hitting the gym (even if your last workout was lifting a bag of chips). And don't worry about that middle – the shirt is strategically designed to flatter it, giving you that dad bod confidence that's irresistible.

Now, we can't promise that wearing this shirt will automatically make you an expert at grilling or fixing things, but it certainly won't hurt. It's like wearing a magical charm that unlocks your hidden dad powers (think MacGyver meets Paul Bunyan, with a sprinkle of Idaho outdoor magic).

When you wear the Idaho Dad Tee, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing – you're joining an elite club of dads who embrace their coolness without taking themselves too seriously. Other dads will look at you and wonder, "How does he manage to be so effortlessly awesome?"

So, don't miss out on your chance to level up your dad game.

Grab the Idaho Dad T-Shirt today and prepare to become the envy of dads everywhere. Just remember to keep that sense of humor intact and embrace the Idaho dad swagger. It's time to unleash your inner potato-loving, bicep-popping, middle-flattering superhero!

This is a Unisex sized shirt.

• 52% combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% polyester• Pre-shrunk fabric.

Handcrafted In Idaho. 

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