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Bogus Troll Ski Club Sticker

Bogus Troll Ski Club Sticker

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Legend has it that the trolls have been living in the mountains near the cattleguard on Bogus Basin Road for centuries, and have been watching over the mountain and its skiers to ensure epic days of skiing.

Every time you head up to Bogus Basin and cross the cattleguard, you have to stomp stomp clap clap and open your car door to let in the trolls. Trust us, it may sound weird, but it's the secret to unlocking a day filled with gnarly runs and epic powder stashes. We've been doing this for 40 years now!

Don't forget to let them out on your way down the mountain too! You don't want to ruin the mojo!

Join the Bogus Troll Ski Club with this sticker, and let the trolls guide you to the best skiing adventures of your life!

Don't believe us? Just ask any local and they'll tell you, the Bogus trolls are more than just a legend.

Measures 3”x 3”.

Our stickers are waterproof, scratch and sun proof! 

So feel free to stick on your board, water bottle, laptop, car, boat, UTV, ATV, helmet, or wherever else you stick stickers!

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