Idaho Bucket List Of Adventures

Idaho Bucket List Of Adventures

We are a born and raised Idaho Adventure Family. We've been exploring this great state since we were wee babes. 


We've even been featured in a few Idaho commercials! Check them out!


So we decided to create a bucket list of adventures to be had in Idaho just for you! Here it is in no particular order!

1. Coeur D'Alene-

We highly recommend staying at least one night in the Coeur D'Alene Resort and ordering a Gooey. Trust us!

Idaho Bucket List

Click here for more! Coeur D'Alene

2. Hells Canyon-

Truly breathtaking scenery and chances to spot Idaho wildlife. We've seen countless Bald Eagles and Bears. 

Click here for more! Hells Canyon

3. Rafting the Payette River-

We've had so many fun memories while rafting on the Payette and jumping from the Banks bridge. 

Click here for more! Payette River Rafting

4. Schweitzer Mountain-

While filming our commercial for North Idaho, we got to stay at Schweitzer Mountain, and can we just say this is a must see! 

Click here for more! Schweitzer Mountain 

5. Bogus Basin-

Ahhhhh Bogus, our family's home ski hill. We've got countless memories of teaching our toddlers to ski, skiing with cousins, and our 73 year old grandpa, learning tricks and landing flips. Bogus has etched a permanent spot in our hearts. 

Click here for more! Bogus Basin Resort

6. Soldier Mountain-

Some of us were lucky enough to try cat skiing this year at Soldier Mountain. It was a blast! This is a smaller resort but still really fun!

Click here for more! Soldier Mountain

7. Stack Rock -

If you love hikes, you've gotta hit the trail to Stack Rock! It has amazing views of the Treasure Valley. 

Click here for more! Stack Rock Hike

8. Shoshone Falls-

It's been called the Niagara of the West and for good reason! But go in late spring for best experience!

Click here for more! Shoshone Falls

9. Blue Heart Springs-

There's nothing quite like this treasure on the Snake River. We paddle boarded into it and experienced the crystal clear cove with an amazing shade of turquoise. We can't wait to go back!

Click here for more! Blue Heart Springs

10. Bruneau Sand Dunes-

One of our favorite adventures is packing up the vintage RV and heading to the dunes. It's the tallest single-structured sand dune in North America and rises to 470 feet high above small lakes in the high desert south of Mountain Home. 

Click Here For More! Bruneau Sand Dunes

11. Kirkham Hot Springs-

It features geothermal pools and waterfalls of varying temperatures and is nuzzled up to the beautiful South Fork of the Payette River. Our family loves to soak there after a few days of backpacking. Soaking in Kirkham is like soaking in a dream.

Click here for more! Kirkham Hot Springs

12. McCall-

There are so many things to do in McCall. You've got to experience the extremely cold but clear waters of the Payette Lake, explore the cute shops in town, get a  Lemon Pie Cone at Ice Cream Alley, and visit Brundage Mountain.

Click here for more! McCall, Idaho

13. City Of Rocks-

It has been described as "a city of tall spires,” “steeple rocks," and "the silent city." Today, this backcountry byway attracts rock climbers, campers, hikers, hunters, and those with the spirit of adventure. 

Click here for more! City Of Rocks

14. Craters of the Moon- 

The landscape here was created by a handful of lava flows over time. The lava here didn’t erupt out of volcanoes, but rather oozed out of fissures in the earth and occasionally spewed out of vents. The result is 618 square miles of cinder cones, lava tubes, tree molds, lava rivers, spatter cones, and lava beds as far as you can see.

Click here for more! Craters of the Moon

15. Island Park-

Home of the world's longest main street! Just Twenty minutes from the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Island Park in Idaho features a record-breaking main street and a number of natural areas to explore.

Click here for more! Island Park, Idaho

And there you have it folks! 15 bucket list items of places you can adventure to in our great state of Idaho. 
Which one will you do first? 

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